About Us

Dustin Winfield - Owner of Aztec Decks

Dustin Winfield - Owner of Aztec Decks

Dustin started his construction career working as a framer - building the wooden structures of houses. After framing for several years as an employee, he began his own business Aztec Carpentry. He quickly realized his passion for deck building, and has now rebranded his business to Aztec Decks to reflect his goal to build the best decks in Durham Region.

Aztec Decks (formerly known as Aztec Carpentry) is owned and operated by Dustin Winfield, out of Oshawa, Ontario. Decks are our passion, and despite already building primarily decks, we have rebranded our company to reflect this passion for deck building.

We believe our attention to detail and cleanliness set us apart from the competition. We treat your home as if it were our own. Here are some ways we protect your home from the potential chaos of construction:

  • Put all lumber/materials up on sawhorses. By carrying all building materials into the backyard and stacking it on sawhorses, we keep the front of your house looking nice. Elevating the materials this way also keeps your grass alive.

  • Clean up at the end of each work day. We pick up all scraps and mess and tidy up the materials. We understand that homeowners don’t want to look out their window after work and see a big mess in the backyard. Instead you will see material stacked nicely.